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Weddings Events

Today we can make your dream of getting married in the Maldives come true. We have expert event organizers that can arrange your wedding in the Maldives, Dhigurah. It has one of the most exciting and splendid beaches and views. We cover from photography, videography and to all the way of the event which will be upto your satisfaction.

We offer expertise in weddings and custom events in weddings, honeymoons in the Island. We ensure you as a wedding specialist you will be provided with the best of entertainment, decorations, make up artists and photographers to make sure you day is special. 

If you would like to discuss with us your wedding plans and how you would like it to take place, please do not hesitate to contact us. Because getting married on the white sandy beaches on a island at a blue lagoon is splendid. 

Romantic Events

For couples, a romantic holiday in the Maldives is a chance to be together in a way that never happens at home. Acommodation in our guest house is not just proving a room. We arrange your rooms for your needs. We can arrange and design a private love nest designed for the romance

We also arrange private and romantic dinners for your guests. These dinners can be arranged in sandbanks where you will be under the night sky, dining. Our options are beyond compare taking you from the serenity of the beach at  a sunset to the lush greenery of the jungle to the glittering turquoise waters of the Indian ocean. 

With our help you can truly make your tropical holiday in the Maldives one to remember. We can make arrangements for your spouses and organize surprise events and many more. 

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