Dhigurah Beach Inn

Dhigurah Beach Inn is a guest house that is operating in Dhigurah Island, Alif Dhaal Atoll Maldives.

The guest house is located right infront of the beach in Dhigurah. The guest house has 4 rooms that provides various facilities.  The rooms are designed near the beach which will provide amazing views. 

All rooms will have a coffee table, chairs and a bathroom with rain shower. Rooms are equipped with LED TV with satellite channels, air conditioning and hair dryer. Additional features such as FREE WIFI is also provided for the guests. 

The hotel also facilities transportation of the guest house. Dining is also handled by the hotel by coordinating with restaurants while breakfast is provided in the hotel just as the guest requests. 

Dhigurah island

Dhigurah island is a fishing village with a population of 600 inhabitants who are engaged in fishing, woodworking and boat building. In the village there are 1 schools and a kinder garden, a hospital, a number of shops, souvenir shops and an island council. The village is the head part of the island which is about 500 meters and the remaining 2.5 kilometers is occupied by the equatorial forest. On the both sides of the island is a beach. Being on one side of the Dhigurah you can admire the sunrise while from the other side you can admire the sunset. 

Near the island there is a sandbank where guests and locals enjoy. In here romantic dinners and picnics are often organized. The best is you can reach this sand bank by foot. 

Dhigurah is known for its surrounding beautiful water and its underwater world. This is one of the few places in the world where you can see a large number of whale sharks (harmless to humans as they only eat planctons), rare sea turtles, giant rays (manta rays), colorful fishes and colorful congestion of coral reefs at arm's length. Here live fish-needle, fish-napoleon (can grow up to two meters), parrot fish, all kinds of groupers, reeds, clowns, morays ... more than 1000 species of fish and other marine creatures - corals, stars and mollusks.


Dhigurah island is officially marked with more than 30 diving-points, and the island has its own dive center. Training with PADI certification, trips and underwater tours, often combined with rest on an island or a picnic, occur continuously throughout the year.

The 3 local restaurants of the island offers Asian meals, warm meals, local cuisine, local short eats and breakfast at the most reasonable prices. 6 Diving Centers are based on Dhigurah offering daily dives and diving courses and group snorkeling 

excursions. Water sports activities such as canoe, jet ski, water ski, wake board and fun tube are available at the Water Sports Center.

Maldives is a Muslim country and therefore alcohol is not available on local islands. Subject to availability day/evening visits to close resorts can be arranged. Bikinis are also not allowed to be worn on local island beaches.  Ladies are requested to cover shoulders and knees at all times with sleeved t-shirt, board shorts or skirts to the knee. No low-cut or see-through clothing is requested as well.

Transfer to Dhigurah


Route: Male' City Domestic Terminal to Maamigili International Airport (By plane) to Dhigurah (By Speed boat). 

  • Male' to Maamigili Airport (Plane) = USD 150 Per Person Per way 

  • Maamigili to Dhigurah by Speed Boat = USD 40 Per Person Per way


Route: Male' City to Dhigurah Island -

  • Male' to Dhigurah - USD 35
           Saturday:      1600 hrs
           Sunday:        1600 hrs
           Monday:       1600 hrs
           Tuesday:       1600 hrs
           Wednesday: 1600 hrs
           Thursday:     1600 hrs
           Friday:          1500 hrs 


  • Everyday from Dhigurah to Male - USD 35
          Time: 6:30AM

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