Dhigurah Beach Inn Divin

Dhigurah Beach Inn offers a wide range of sports and recreation options to keep you fit and active while on the holiday. Some are happy to succumb for total relaxation while others prefer adventurous activities. We ensure our guests are provided with activities that match their pace and style of living.

Water Sports

99% of the Maldives is water and it goes without saying that life at Dhigurah Beach Inn revolves around it for the guests. Whatever your adrenaline levels, there is a sport for that in the Maldives.

We offer our guests a beautiful playground where you can while away a few hours taking some of the fun-filled activities at the water sports centers of Dhigurah Island.

Water sports centers provide paddle across the glimmering lagoon on a canoe, wind surfing, wake board, catamaran and jet-ski.



The Maldives is renowned for being one of the fishiest places on earth due to the vast diversity and variety of life. Fishing in Maldives is one of the major means of livelihood for the Maldivian people. 


We offer our guests a chance to experience fishing of all types.  Our guests are provided with shore fishing, jigging and popping, bottom fishing, night fishing, big game fishing.

Fishing is one of the activities that when done in the right place becomes extraordinary. We take you to the right place for fishing.


In the Maldives Scuba Diving is one of the truly unforgettable impressions that helps you enjoy in these paradise like islands. 

Dhigurah offers some of the best diving locations in the Maldives which are unique. The beginners may try to dive in special areas that has gentle sloping hills inhabited by colorful corals, manta rays, tropical fish, sharks and sea turtles. 

We arrange diving facilities for your guests during their stay in Dhigurah Beach Inn.



Snorkeling in Dhigurah, Maldives is a memorable and entirely unique experience. This is because of the abundance of coral reefs in the region and because oft the extremely clear waters. 

There are infact close to 70 distinct species of coral reefs and more than 700 species of marine life in the Maldives. When you snorkel in Dhigurah, you are likely to see reef sharks, various kind of turtles, rays, morays. Whether you are an expert of marine life or not, you can still appreciate the colorful array of these creatures. 

Dolphin   Watching

We arrange trips that provides taking rides in the late afternoon in search of the fun loving dolphins. As you reach the school, witness their graceful journey towards the sunset, occasionally spinning out of the water for the shrill cries of excitement by watchers. 

Dolphin watching truly is a breath taking experience for many of the tourists in the Maldives because they usually get to enjoy it during sunset and twilight over the Indian Ocean.


Resort Day trips

Since Maldives has now opened the doors for budget tourism, we offer affordable packages for our guests. Guests can visit the resorts in the Maldives day trips.

During day trips guests will get to enjoy various facilities. They will also get to experience what its like to spend a holiday in the Maldives in a resort. Many tourists say resorts are worth seeing at least once in your life. 

During resorts trips guests can enjoy alcohol and most of the recreational facilities offered by the resort.


We provide spa treatments for our guests. These treatments are designed to refresh and rejuvenate. The solitude, peace and space you need to recharge is provided in these spas. 

We provide invigorating elixirs that pamper your spirit, mind and body. 

You can experience our Spa facilities to escape for a few hours or craft a personalized journey of wellness with a series of daily treatments. Everything here is designed to restore your balance and find the calmness.


Local island explore

The local islands are bursting with life and color. You will see from some islands while you stroll around some women relaxing in the shade smoking shisha, while others are cooking in huge pans bubbling over small fires, children playing on their bicycles. These islands are filled with absolute tranquility and peace. 

In these islands, you will also get locally made products from home based workers and local inventors that make the souvenirs at the best pricing from the original seller.